Weekly horoscope September 25 – October 1, 2023 – Crossing a boundary

A relationship can become suffocating for Gemini, while Sagittarius can focus on finances. Weekly horoscope.

Aries – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, a double effect may prevail in your emotions. There will be situations in which the people around you will definitely annoy you and there will be times when you almost overflow with love. Don’t worry about it, it’s almost natural during this period, since on the one hand you have a strong desire to prove yourself, but at the same time, your attachment to your loved ones also strengthens. These days, an unexpected meeting can cause you strong emotions.

In the second half of the week, you may have to give up something that you are not too happy about, but this also gives you the opportunity to do something that you have been planning for a long time. So take advantage of the time you have and replace the pleasures with something else. However, be very careful with the measure!

Taurus – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, you may be more sensitive than you are used to, and this may not only apply to spiritual matters, but may even affect all your senses. Now you can hear and see things that you used to easily glide over anyway. And with all of this, you might be surprised that part of your environment has become accustomed to doing small things behind your back.

In the second half of the week, you will need decisiveness and self-discipline, as someone will try to cross your calculations and force you to do something that you do not want at all. Since this affects not only you, but also someone close to you, you will not be alone in the battle, which you will certainly win.

Gemini – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, you have to approach your relationship with an open mind, but in the meantime you have to keep in mind how all this will affect your existing commitments. Events around you can easily be unpredictable, which may result in you being forced to improvise a bit.

In the second half of the week, you feel someone’s influence on your life more and more strongly, and it is not certain that it will be to your liking in all respects. Love and affection is a great thing and an important part of your life, but someone may be crossing a line right now. If you feel that all this is suffocating for you, start to carefully move away.

Cancer – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, your charm, charisma and confident demeanor can bring you new connections and influence. Your persuasiveness increases, and with the help of your performance, you can now achieve things that you only dreamed of until now. Now is the opportunity to make a change, win a more favorable contract, or fight for a better position in a private relationship.

In the second half of the week, you may feel that success almost falls into your lap, no matter what you do. Maybe it even crosses your mind that what happens to you is a coincidence, but rather think about the hard work that is behind you. What would be the coincidence in this? Enjoy your success, whatever it is, because you worked for it!

Leo – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, you may come into contact with something new and interesting. This is a good opportunity to bring a little color to the gray everyday life and meet people who live and think completely differently than you. This is the opportunity to practice a little acceptance and hear opinions that are radically different from your view of life.

In the second half of the week, you will feel support not only from your loved ones, but also from an unexpected place, which will result in extra opportunities and a positive atmosphere. During these days, a success of yours may be cause for celebration, perhaps related to a job or an exam and which relieves you of a significant mental burden.

Virgo – weekly horoscope

The first half of the week can bring an intense relationship problem, which can primarily have a big impact on your private life. At the same time, with a little research, you can uncover an interesting secret, but this should not make you want to share with others what has now become clear to you. All of this could easily be a source of conflicts and misunderstandings in the future, so you should stay out of what follows.

In the second half of the week, your persistence and dedication can bring long-term success to your life. Now, if you feel like it, you can take some risks, but make sure that it does not exceed the limits of reason. Your self-confidence may now be even stronger than usual, which can mean that by acting as an initiator in a relationship, you can expect greater commitment from the other party than before.

Libra – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, excitement is expected in your personal life and you may experience a minor or major drama, but with a little openness, flexibility, and patience you can quickly overcome the tensions. These days are excellent for you to try new things and start new habits.

The second half of the week is characterized by a good ability to create relationships, and those around you will be happy to spend time with you. People can be honest and open with you now, which can result in some people letting you in on their innermost feelings. Don’t be surprised if someone cries on your shoulder. However, handle other people’s secrets responsibly so that the trust around you does not fade away later.

Scorpio – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, you will be confident and strong, your self-confidence will skyrocket and if you decide to do something then, you will definitely see it through, no matter what the cost. If you should act in defense of yourself or your loved ones, do it now. There is almost no force that can resist you now.

In the second half of the week, your efforts, whether they are related to work or your personal life, will bring results and will bring you extra success, recognition, and new opportunities. Perhaps you would change certain elements of your life, your relationships, or even your physical living space. If this is the case, now is the time to make some decisions.

Sagittarius – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, pay particular attention to financial matters, especially when you may feel like a visitor to an Arab bazaar, whom everyone wants to convince you that you should only spend all your wealth in their shop. Be careful, but then pounce on those opportunities that you find really exciting. In the middle of the week, a pleasant surprise awaits you regarding your core life.

In the second half of the week, you may have the opportunity to settle a controversial issue, or to rewarm a relationship that has been frozen for a long time. If you would like to request a discount or relief in a financial matter, you can count on success. You will be a great negotiator and you can achieve more than you think.

Capricorn – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, you should be aware of your own abilities and approach a task with sufficient self-confidence. However, your expectations must be in line with your possibilities and you must also be very careful not to waste your precious time on unnecessary things and people. Now efficiency should be your main concern. If you do this, you will be satisfied with the result.

In the second half of the week, you will need persistence and patience, because it is not certain that everything will go according to your plans. At the same time, a situation may develop around you in which your reliability and loyalty suddenly become visible to everyone and bring the admiration of a person whose opinion is important to you.

Aquarius – weekly horoscope

At the beginning of the week, you should expect stimulating changes in almost all areas of your life. Now, an open and progressive approach can bring success and recognition, but you have to expect that not everyone will be happy to see your progress. Now a possible new friend or partner may appear on the scene, as you seem more interesting and exciting than usual. However, never forget your caution at home.

In the second half of the week, your popularity may increase due to your quick and smart reaction to an unexpected event, and it is possible that more people than usual will listen to your opinion and be interested in your words. Be responsible in such a situation, because a possible mistake of yours might put others in an unpleasant situation. Now, in addition, a financial success may come to light in relation to you.

Pisces – weekly horoscope

The first half of the week creates a great opportunity for you to build new relationships or deepen old ones. The outside world now finds you attractive and interesting, and you can even help it by paying extra attention to your appearance. And if you even expand your repertoire with some great clothes and a new hairstyle, your self-confidence can also increase greatly.

In the second period of the week, you will be able to put all your strength into a task, if necessary, but you must also constantly keep yourself under control, because now you may be prone to exaggeration or to go overboard due to enthusiasm. Be patient, especially if you are expecting a result or recognition for something now. It will come, but maybe not now.