Weekly horoscope March 18 – March 24, 2024 – Reversal

A mystery may be revealed to Gemini, and Sagittarius gains influence. This week, the lives of many may reach a turning point. Weekly horoscope.

Aries – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, a little tension may develop around you as you fight to fulfill your own version of a planned program. If you purposefully and firmly represent your point of view, then everything will be the way you want it to be. There will be people who don’t like it, but that should be their problem.

In the second half of the week, you can be mentally stronger than average, so you have a good chance to influence your own life more than usual. If you want to achieve something, now is the time to do something about it, whether it’s asking for a promotion, a raise, or even breaking a bad habit. If you’ve been preparing for a long time to make your position and opinion clear to someone, stand up now! >>> 6 zodiac signs for which spring brings change

Taurus – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, with a sentence spoken at the right time and in the right place, you can turn around an unfavorable process, which will not only be beneficial for you, but you can also earn the recognition of your surroundings, as they did not expect you to take such a stand. If something else is bothering you, now is the time to come up with it.

The second half of the week will bring you an exciting meeting and something new in your life. Now you will have a little chance to get out of your usual routine and let yourself go. These days, you can rely more on your intuition in your decisions, whether they are related to work or even your personal life.