Weekly Horoscope February 5 – February 11, 2024 – Take matters into your own hands

Gemini has to react to an unexpected event, Scorpio can be irritated by an unpleasant person. Weekly horoscope.

Aries – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, your days may be characterized by peace, love and harmony. Spend as much time as possible in company and use these days for a little romance. Now everything can be given to finally tell someone how you feel about them, but if you are facing a serious commitment in your private life, you could not find a more suitable time for an honest confession than these days.

The second half of the week can be about taking advantage of a chance. With good timing and situational awareness, you may even have the opportunity to make a big move in some area, which will affect the rest of your life. Now be very focused, if the opportunity is in front of you, take it!

Taurus – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, you have to move out of your comfort zone and deal with something you don’t like to spend your time on. Comfort and habit are good things, but now you have to give them up for a while. Fortunately, there are plenty of people around you who will help and support you in this as well.

In the second half of the week, you may have a serious role and responsibility in how someone close to you manages to get through a difficult phase of their life. Set an example and try to help in every detail, but don’t go overboard either. Don’t be the one who ends up bearing the burden instead of someone else. It’s one thing to support someone and another to do everything for them.

Gemini – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, your popularity may increase due to your quick and smart reaction to an unexpected event, and it is possible that more people than usual will listen to your opinion and be curious about your words. Be responsible in such a situation, because a possible mistake of yours might put others in an unpleasant situation. Now, moreover, a new relationship can upset the moods around you.

In the second half of the week, your actions will be characterized by strength and courage. While others around you may be looking for excuses for what not to do, you are looking for reasons why you should take a step. With good timing and listening to your instincts, you can reach an important goal before everyone else. All of this can now affect your work, but even the most intimate parts of your private life.

Cancer – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, you will have the opportunity to let someone know how you feel about them, which can deepen the relationship between you, but there is also some chance that all this will bring an unpleasant turn in your life. In these days, the deeper reasons for your addiction may come to light, so it will be up to you what you will do with all this information.

In the second half of the week, a strange rumor may determine the topic of the chats around you. Be careful and try to be smart about the matter, because it is easy that some of your surroundings do not interpret things correctly. At the same time, you can untangle the real information from the various rumors with a sharp eye.

Leo – weekly horoscope

The first half of the week can bring you positive feedback. Now you can finally achieve something, you can get an answer to a question that has been asked for a long time, a project that consumes a lot of time and energy can bring results. During these days, someone will find you particularly attractive and express this, which will raise questions about the future in you. However, do not make hasty decisions and make sure that you are not controlled by your emotions at the moment.

The second half of the week is expected to be successful and this will have a sparkling effect on your personal life as well. With a good decision, you can now count on extra income, and the self-confidence that comes with it encourages you to make smart decisions. You find someone much more attractive now than usual, and this foreshadows the pleasantly developing program of the end of the week.

Virgo – weekly horoscope

Avoid flirting at the beginning of the week, as you can easily find yourself in the middle of a family drama. This is the least you need right now. In the middle of the week, you will also have to touch on sensitive topics in relation to a person close to you. In the end, the matter may easily turn into a deep conversation, at the end of which the person will cry their sorrows on your shoulder.

The second half of the week can bring complicated relationship problems. If you are giving advice to someone right now, remember that what works for you may not necessarily work for someone else. Also, make sure you don’t end up being the one everyone is mad at.

Libra – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, be supportive and loving when someone comes to you with a problem. Now you can not only help others and solve a long-standing problem, but you can also learn something about yourself. These days are an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with someone who is very close to you. Take advantage, you never know what life will bring later.

The second half of the week can be about success and luck for you. Of course, you don’t have to feel that these things are happening this way regardless of you. You are the one who always does everything for the sake of a positive outcome, and it is precisely because of this that you have the opportunity to get involved in lucky situations at all. You are bold and make confident decisions. This is the basis of everything even now.

Scorpio – weekly horoscope

The first half of the week will be spent in a loving atmosphere, which even the intrigues of an unpleasant individual will not be able to significantly disturb. Such people, be it a neighbor or a colleague, should be dealt with in their place and should not be allowed to dominate the day. It’s enough if you look at him, it will hurt him the most, because the attention is exactly what he wants.

In the second half of the week, you may have a strong attachment to the success of a case, but it is possible that this will also require a longer-term commitment. Whether this is a personal or financial issue, be careful and only undertake things that you will definitely be able to keep in the future.

Sagittarius – weekly horoscope

The beginning of the week offers you love and financial success. Be proactive and approach everything positively and you will see that others will have the same reaction to you. Now perhaps all you need is a few polite, kind words and the gates will open for you. Do the same with your loved ones, you won’t miss the result either.

In the second half of the week, someone will find you or what you have created around you fascinating and will express this quite clearly. His reactions will probably seem sincere, but if you have any doubts about this, it may not be a coincidence. Maybe your intuition tells you something. It will soon become clear why.

Capricorn – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, you can nurture a sincere friendship when someone comes to you with a problem and perhaps asks for your advice. And in the process, your emotions can break out, which gives you the opportunity to both ease your spirits in a matter. Now you will have the opportunity to look into yourself and formulate something that you may not have been able to do before.

In the second half of the week, persistence may be the most important thing for you, as achieving a possible result in something seems much more distant than you previously thought. It could easily be that you reached a certain level in vain, you have to wait for everyone in your environment to catch up with you.

Aquarius – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, your days are characterized by balanced human relationships. You get to know each other easily and maintain a good relationship with the people around you. These days create an excellent opportunity for meetings, important discussions, or even a date. Now, be especially careful about your appearance.

In the second half of the week, you can start something new and fresh around you, for which you will have to mobilize serious energy and you may have to ask for help from those around you. You can count on success, but you will also need persistence and courage, especially because of a person you should seriously keep an eye on in the coming period.

Pisces – weekly horoscope

In the first half of the week, you may be especially attracted to beautiful things and exciting people. These days can be really ideal for you to do a little beautification, shopping, or acquisitions and to start organizing a trip. Now, as a result of a new acquaintance, you may experience emotional waves that you will probably remember for a long time.

The second half of the week brings stability and calm to your life. And all of this can be seen by the outside world, so expect someone to turn to you for advice and help. During these days, you can be particularly important to your family, and you will have a good chance to finally move away from a deadlock in your tense relationship. However, be careful about a new commitment now.