Daily horoscope November 15

daily horoscope november 15

Aries- daily horoscope

You may feel emotionally good but the more you express yourself the more critical others become of your sensitivity. Unfortunately, you may clam up under such circumstances. Hang onto the fact that you have something valuable to teach, but other people aren’t ready to learn. Try not to take it personally.

Taurus- daily horoscope

Tap into your internal resources. Listen to your deepest, strongest feelings and take things slowly. Plan your actions and consider the emotions of others before you take the first step. Take advantage of the pauses in your day. Enjoy the rest and use the time to plan ahead instead of acting rashly and running full throttle to the next task.

Gemini- daily horoscope

Things should come together nicely as long as you’ve done the necessary prep work to make it successful. The burners are hot and it’s time to add the ingredients. If you’ve done the preliminaries, the next step will be easy. If you’ve neglected to take care of these details, you’ll scramble to do many different things at once.

Cancer- daily horoscope

Your witty, social attitude may not be appreciated, given the emotional and sober mood of the day. You adjust your outfit to reflect current weather patterns. If you dress in silk, you won’t be too happy when it rains and you have no umbrella. Consider such things when you walk into a room full of people today. What is the mood? How can you fit in with it and lift it?

Leo- daily horoscope

Your emotions might be raw today, and you may act rashly because of the way you feel. Realize that some people may not appreciate this behavior. Let your emotions be an asset that helps fuel your passion, but don’t let them rule you entirely. Temper your actions with self-restraint and you’ll get through the day.

Virgo- daily horoscope

You may feel out of your league today. The good news is that thanks to your flexible, adaptable nature, any league can always become yours after you take the steps to work the crowd. Have patience and understanding as you learn a new set of rules and a new group of people with their own habits and behaviors.

Libra – daily horoscope

All of a sudden you may experience a burst of emotional energy that throws a monkey wrench into your plans. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly burst into tears over something that normally wouldn’t even faze you. Sometimes it’s important to let the emotions flow. Feel free to share your feelings. Don’t try to hide them.

Scorpio – daily horoscope

Sit back and receive instead of trying to make things happen by imposing your will. You’re always taking action and directing your energy outward. Think about ways you can direct your energy inward and watch how this draws people to you. If nothing else, you’ll learn something about yourself by being more attentive to your thoughts and emotions.

Sagittarius – daily horoscope

There’s a unique combination of energies in the air urging you to combine your psychic powers with your ability to organize. Your business sense is keen, and you understand people and their general tendencies. You instinctively know motives behind actions, so use this to your advantage to make things work effectively for you.

Capricorn – daily horoscope

Everyone around you may be taking the initiative to start something new, and you get the feeling that you want to join the cause. Be careful about getting something going just because everyone else is. You have a tendency to act hastily in an effort to prove that you’re on top of the situation. Life isn’t a popularity contest or race to the finish line. Take your time.

Aquarius – daily horoscope

Your masculine and feminine sides may be saying completely different things today, but this situation isn’t necessarily bad. You can learn a lot from both sides of your being. Take the most useful aspects of each and put them toward achieving your goals. A delicate balance of give and take needs to happen.

Pisces – daily horoscope

Turn one part of the project over to someone you feel is more qualified to handle it. There’s no sense trying to do everything yourself when you know someone out there is better suited to the task. Today calls for a steady and patient hand. If you don’t think you have the skills, admit it. You’ll gain more respect by delegating than by trying to muddle through.