Daily horoscope December 23

daily horoscope december 23

Aries  – daily horoscope

While you may be comfortable with your environment, you could receive an unmistakable signal that it’s time for change. This could involve a different job, allowing you to make use of skills and talents that have been lying fallow. Don’t let small but necessary tasks make you abandon a new course of action. It represents a vital stage in your personal growth.

Taurus  – daily horoscope

Sudden financial success could produce upheaval in your lifestyle. Therefore, rethink your current situation and consider the pursuit of cherished old dreams that you may have abandoned. Spiritual goals and interests may change. Old friends could be left behind and new friendships begun. It’s important to remember that once you embark on this new path, there’ll be no turning back.

Gemini  – daily horoscope

You spend much of your life serving others. Now you may reevaluate your “duty” toward them. Perhaps someone is taking unfair advantage of your good nature. Perhaps you’re finally experiencing desires that you feel you have to fulfill. Look objectively at your situation without feeling guilt, sorrow, or the fear of losing a friend. Your happiness matters, too!

Cancer  – daily horoscope

You always see both sides of a situation clearly. Today you might judge possible future courses of action in view of the past. Prior values may be put to the test and former opinions revised. You could consider ending a relationship or entering a new one. This may take effort, but it will set the stage for future success.

Leo  – daily horoscope

Someone you’ve known for a long time may disappear from your life. This could leave you feeling disoriented and unfocused. Your ideas of truth, honor, ethics, and morality might require some revision in light of recent events. A change of profession might be looming on the horizon. On the positive side, you’re in the process of transcending your limitations. Follow your heart.

Virgo  – daily horoscope

Though communication is one of your strong points, today you might find it hard. You may feel introspective, but open, honest discussion could be what you need now. Your long-held ideas and values are changing, and you might require guidance to put your new beliefs to work. A search for truth is in your future, and you’ll want some companions along the way.

Libra  – daily horoscope

Stress-related health complaints could force reevaluation of your current situation, particularly your job. You may take a good look at your skills and consider how they can be put to use in other fields. Communication from distant places may bring new opportunities to pursue old ambitions. Don’t write them off right away. Change is in the wind. It isn’t wise to try to stop it.

Scorpio  – daily horoscope

Your inner child surfaces today. Memories of past good times bring out your playful side. You might want to try forms of amusement that you once enjoyed but have long since abandoned. Children provide inspiration and outlet for this energy. Tell them stories about your own childhood or read to them. Indulge your flights of fancy. You can always face reality tomorrow.

Sagittarius  – daily horoscope

Renegotiating relationships may cause sorrow today. You may find that trying to fix one won’t work. Past emotions that have created difficulties may resurface. Releasing them could bring the courage to move on. Bonds with others are like matter and energy. They can be changed, but they can’t be created or destroyed. Whatever form it takes, a true bond will always be there.

Capricorn  – daily horoscope

Today you might put aside your usual tendency to push ahead without a backward glance. You could reconsider past ideas and see them in an entirely new light. Circumstances may force reevaluation of your current job or lifestyle. Or you could contemplate a move. Contact with a sibling or neighbor may be restored. Today is all about adjustment.

Aquarius  – daily horoscope

Today is about reevaluation. Dreams or ambitions that you may have abandoned could resurface. You could be forced to confront difficulties in your current situation. You might decide to call in a few favors from people you haven’t heard from in ages. Old debts may need repaying. This is a great time to tie up loose ends, attain closure, and move on.

Pisces  – daily horoscope

Happy and painful memories of childhood could come to mind today, bringing new understanding of how your early experiences affect your present situation. Unexpected insights could bring a new perspective on the present and future. You could realize that a personal or professional course isn’t right for you. Don’t let fear overwhelm your need for transition.