Daily horoscope March 1

Aries – daily horoscope You probably aren’t feeling your best today, Aries. No doubt your illness is a result of recent overindulgence. You can’t blame anyone but yourself for your crashing headache and queasy stomach. Try not to take your bad mood out on the family. Just ask them to close the curtains and shut … Read more

Daily horoscope February 28

Aries – daily horoscope A rebirth of romance in your life could take place today, Aries. If you’re currently involved with someone, a happy event could enrich the bond between you and bring you closer together. If you aren’t presently attached, you could be by the end of the day. You might meet someone new … Read more

Daily horoscope February 27

Aries – daily horoscope Misinformation is likely to spread like wildfire today, causing a lot of unnecessary upset either among your neighbors at home or your colleagues at work. Don’t accept at face value any gossip or rumor you hear, Aries. Check the accuracy of the information yourself. If it does turn out to be … Read more

Daily horoscope February 26

Aries – daily horoscope Be sure to open your mail and answer the phone today, Aries, as you’re likely to receive some interesting information from a friend or business associate. It could be that a deal that’s been in the works has just been signed, or a romantic interest you’ve been pursuing finally returns your … Read more

Daily horoscope February 24

Aries – daily horoscope Today you might find yourself compelled to stay at home for some reason, Aries. Perhaps you’re expecting a visitor who’s late or a delivery of some kind. Therefore, you could feel somewhat antsy. You like staying home, but only if you choose to do so. Find something creative to fill the … Read more

Daily horoscope February 23

Aries – daily horoscope A change of scene is in store for you, Aries. It’s unclear whether or not this is a voluntary move, but it’s clear that chaos and confusion reign over the next few days. There is much to be done. Fortunately, your organizational abilities will serve you well. You don your general’s … Read more

Daily horoscope February 22

Aries – daily horoscope No sooner do you set foot in the office this morning than you begin to get pelted from all directions with various crises and problems, Aries. It isn’t a very welcome reception. A hot cup of coffee and a warm greeting from your co-workers would be a much nicer way to … Read more

Daily horoscope February 21

Aries – daily horoscope Career matters could move so slowly today that you just might be tempted to give up, Aries. Don’t even think that way! It’s just one of those days when nothing seems to go right, even though basically everything should still be going very well for you. Don’t expect much progress today, … Read more

Daily horoscope February 20

Aries – daily horoscope Sex and romance are very much on your mind today, Aries. You’re feeling especially passionate, and your emotions are rich and deep. At times like this you’re likely to want to concentrate on your own pleasure, yet it’s important to be sensitive to your partner as well. Racy novels and movies … Read more