Daily horoscope April 1

Aries – daily horoscope Love matters could appear to be moving far more slowly than you’d like, Aries. Both you and your romantic interest may be overloaded with responsibilities now and unable to see each other much. It’s frustrating, but you’ll get through it. In the meantime, don’t let your insecurities get the better of … Read more

Daily horoscope March 31

Aries – daily horoscope Is your love interest out of town, Aries? If so, you might spend much of the day feeling lonely and gloomy. Your friend misses you, too, so don’t think you’ll be alone for long. Try to fill the hours until your partner returns with activities that you love, such as reading … Read more

Daily horoscope March 30

Aries – daily horoscope Love and romance continue to blossom, Aries. Social events could find you and your beloved among both old and new friends, perhaps letting some of them know for the first time that you’re actually an item. Someone close to both of you could be planning a wedding and invite you to … Read more

Daily horoscope March 29

Aries – daily horoscope An interest in health and nutrition could come to the surface for you, Aries. New discoveries regarding the benefits of certain nutrients, exercise programs, or other forms of alternative therapy could attract your attention. You might want to attend a lecture of some kind in order to learn more about it. … Read more